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The Trinity

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The Trinity (Ashland Pack book 1)

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When Adrianna McDonald finds out that she’s The Trinity, a mythical woman who is part wolf, vampire, and witch; it throws her life into a tailspin. Legend has it that with her unique powers, she’s destined to bring peace to the raging war between all three sides, but even she doesn’t know how she’ll do it.

To top off the life-altering news of her destiny, she comes face to face with two of the strongest Alpha males around and her inner female sits up and takes notice. Realizing that the two men are her mates, and despite the fact that Cade Maxwell is the leader of a werewolf pack, and Samson Ward is the head of the local vampire clan; Adriana finds herself falling in love with both men. What girl wouldn’t want to mate with two of the strongest Alpha male leaders around? But Adrianna is just as strong as the men who love her. As a Protector for the Supreme Alpha, she isn’t used to giving up control. Just as the three begin to find their way, Adriana’s past catches up to her in the form of something evil.

The clock is ticking and The Trinity must return to her hometown of Ashland, Georgia to train for the battle against the evil that is coming. Ultimately Adrianna must decide if she can trust the people who surround her, and it will take all of her powers as The Trinity, and every bit of muscle from her men to face what lies before them, and bring peace to them all.

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