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Finley's Feisty Mate

Finley's Feisty Mate (Dixon Pack book 3)

Running for her life, Alex Marsh, had to make life altering decisions in the blink of an eye. Remove all the money from her parent’s accounts, Check. Remove her little brother from school, Check. Find a place to hide out until she can find any law enforcement that will believe her story that the mob is after her, Check. Hiding out in a small town called New Hope, Georgia that housed your favorite jewelry maker, Check. Running into a six-foot-two Adonis that scared her but stirred up emotions that she couldn’t control, Check. Everything seems to easy here in the small town, Check, until it’s not.

Finley Egan is still having nightmares about his past, until a young woman and her little brother stop in his home town. Nothing could have prepared him for this feisty woman and her secrets. But he realizes that he only has a small amount of time to find out what she’s running from before she takes off and he never sees her again.

Time is ticking and lives have been threatened. Finley and Alex have to figure out what secrets her parents have hidden and if they have what it takes to fight what’s coming.

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