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Hunter’s Warrior

Hunter’s Warrior (The Death Hunters book 5)

Raven Verdes loves being a Death Hunter. She may be the only female on the team, but make no mistake, she's as good as her male counterparts. The other hunters consider her as one of the boys, except one...Caz Milton.

He thinks Raven is his mate, one he must protect and shelter from harm. His tiger doesn’t want to believe that she can take care of herself. All Death Hunters are highly trained, but he still can’t get past the thought of her hurt.

With a new lead on the missing shifters and vampires, Raven and Caz team up and she volunteers to be bait. That doesn't sit well with Caz. At all.

When Raven takes it upon herself to be taken, the plan goes all wrong.

Now Caz must use everything he has to save Raven before it's too late.

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