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Big Bad Alpha

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Big Bad Alpha (The Ashland Pack book 2)

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Mace McDonald, Alpha of the Ashland Pack help defeat the dark wizard Magnus McPherson from taking over all the werewolf packs, vampire clans, and Twister Council. His sister, Adrianna McDonald is The Trinity who was kidnapped and then rescued by Mace and her pack. Six months later, the smoke has cleared and the town of Ashland is growing with more wolves, vampires, and witches. Mace’s duties as Alpha have increased with the influx of new people. His pack is growing and his stress level has increased with the needs and demands placed on him.

Lexy Redden and her family are three of the newest members who have moved to Ashland for a new life. Lexy is a powerful witch who is running from her past. Sparks fly when Mace and Lexy meet but both fight the mating pull until Mace’s new Beta Reece Phillips moves into town. Mace doesn’t understand why he feels connected to Reece until the moment he is connected to Lexy and Reece.

As the three get to know each other, evil comes looking for Lexy. But Lexy is holding something back from her mates. They must work together or Lexy will die. Lexy must fight her fear if she is to stay alive. Mace and Reece are her mates, but will she let them inside her heart to complete the mating bond. Will Mace and Reece get to Lexy in time before it is too late?

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