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Destiny of Blood

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Destiny of Blood (Love of a Shifter book 4)

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Still nursing a broken heart, Lily Wilder is focused on enjoying the single life. She's had enough betrayal and heartache to last a lifetime, so finding a man isn't in her plans, but the night of her pack's Valentine's Dance her plans get rerouted.

Sindrid Abner is the Vampire King, and it's his duty to find a strong mate who can help him lead his people into a peaceful future. He never imagined a pretty werewolf would set his soul aflame. Imagine his dismay when his fated mate avoids him at every turn?

When shifters and vampires begin disappearing, Lilly will either face the truth or continue to live in fear. The only soul that can make her blood sing, is the Vampire King, but can they both survive to create a life together? Or will they find their Destiny by Blood?

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