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Destined to be His is out on Pre-order

It's finally here!!

Many of you have asked for Nash's story. I am happy to tell you that it is here. I love Nash and loved writing his story. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I love the cover, what do you think? It is up on pre-order and goes live on March 23rd.

Destined to be His (Love of a Shifter, Book #5)

Nash Wilder is used to being in control as the head of security for his pack, and it’s frustrating him to no end that so many of his family and friends have found love, while he sits around twiddling his thumbs waiting for fate to drop his mate into his life. When he’s sent to rescue shifters from involuntary medical testing, he goes in single, and comes out knowing who he’s meant to spend his life with.

Emerson Prescott left home for a dream job that turned into a horrific nightmare. As a member of the Witches Council, she’s never felt helpless until she’s strapped to a table, forcibly drained of her blood for greed. 
Could it be her Prince Charming lives in a shifter’s body? He certainly looks the part, and Emerson can’t deny she’s drawn to him. Trusting him is another matter altogether.

Unknown forces are plaguing Emerson and Nash and secrets are being kept at the Meadowland Lodge. Can the two stay together long enough to see if true mate’s equals true love or will the enemy find Emerson before they can find out.

Here's a little TASTE of what to expect:

Excerpt He moved closer to her and whispered, “I have another surprise for you, but only if you can answer my riddle.” Her whole face lit up, because she loved riddles. “What’s the riddle?” His eyes twinkled. “Are you sure you can get this?” “I’m very good at riddles, Nash. I think I can handle this.” “Okay then. Well, what slides, stomps its foot, and jingles all the way?” Emerson looked down to the ground in thought. “What slides, stomps its foot, and jingles all the way?” “Yep.” Nash took her arm and led her out of the elevator. She was so preoccupied that she didn’t realize that a woman was standing in front of them handing him a coat and he was slipping it over her arms. Then he led her out the door. “Emerson.” “Huh?” She looked up at him, pulled out of her deep thought. “What slides, stomps its foot, and jingles all the way?” He pointed, and that was when she heard bells, and saw a horse pulling a sleigh up the hill. “A sleigh,” she whispered. He was taking her for a sleigh ride. “We’re going to see Jessie in the sleigh?” she asked, excited. Her eyes darted back and forth from him to the sleigh. “Yep.” “Oh my God. Oh my God.” Emerson jumped up and down, clapping her hands together. “This is wonderful. I’ve always wanted to ride in one.” She jumped up into his arms and kissed him, then pulled away and ran down the steps. A man stepped down from the sleigh, smiling. “She’s all ready to go, Nash.” Emerson was too busy petting the horse to even give the man a second look. She loved horses and always wished she could own one, but her father was allergic to them. “Thanks, Josh, I appreciate this. And sorry for the short notice.” “No problem. The big ones are out on tours, and Betsy here had just finished her lunch. She should be ready to go now.” Josh started to walk off but stopped, “Oh yeah, the blankets are in the box and there’s fresh hot chocolate in the Thermos. Have fun.” Nash stepped over to where she was standing and smiled. “Good surprise?” She couldn’t stop smiling. “The best.” “Well Miss Betsy has had her lunch and is ready to go. So, my lady, are you ready?” Nash held his hand out to her. “Why yes, kind sir.” Emerson gave him her hand and he helped her up into the sleigh. Nash got in and pulled out a blanket, and placing it over both of their legs. “Warm enough?” “Yes…and thank you for doing this, Nash. I’ve never had this many surprises in my life.” “Many more to come.” Nash said with a wink. He made a clicking sound with his lips and the sleigh moved forward. This was a moment that she would always come back to. This would be her happy thought. “If you want some hot chocolate, look in that Thermos and pour yourself some. We just had some fresh snow fall last night, so it should be a white ride.” Her face felt like it was going to break from grinning much, but she didn’t care. This was wonderful. She closed her eyes and listened as the sleigh slid across the snow and the bells jingled with each step Betsy made as she stomped the ground. It was magic.

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